maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

Lahore alkaa palata ajatuksiini

Lahore, the ever mystical and fascinating city creeps into my thoughts. I have been there many times, and would like to spend there the entire 6-7 weeks we have for Delhi, Karachi and other places that come up with our loose travel plan. First by Finnair to Delhi, possibly a visit north of Delhi to Solan (close to Shimla), then by train to Amritsar, then to the Indian-Pakistani border. We walk across the border to Wagah, basically on the outskirts of Lahore, visiting the Old Town and lots of relatives. Then to Raiwind, a small country town just 30 km from Lahore, to meet Naheed and Babar with their family.

Then on to Karachi on the Arabian Sea down south. From there possibly a flight to Mumbai, possibly Kerala, then heading back to Delhi, and it´s surroundings. Six-seven weeks seems to be too short a time, although only just thinking about it!

I found the best description of Lahore´s past and present in the link here. Just noticed I wrote this in English, maybe have changed my language in my mind to prepare for the journey, although I want to converse mostly in Urdu to learn more.

Jatkossa kirjoitan matkasta tietenkin suomeksi! Jääköön teksti englanniksi tähän. Linkki Lahoren historiaan ja nykypäivään on hienoin näkemäni. Huomaa myös kiehtovat kuvat ja videot. Saa nähdä miten matka lopulta oikein muotoutuukaan! Kunhan ensin saisimme ne viisumit!

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